Friday, July 31, 2009

Everything Austen Challenge: Movie Review: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Pride and Prejudice (2005), Grade: A+

I absolutely love this version of Pride and Prejudice! I enjoyed all the actors' representations of the characters in the novel as well.

My favorite parts:

  1. I loved how real the costumes were and how the people looked. Most of the women weren't wearing a lot of makeup and they sweated when they danced. It didn't feel stagey to me.
  2. Bingley was awesome in this. Just very fun and happy and loving like I always had pictured him. And Jane was actually a beauty in this one. Sorry but I didn't get that sense of her beauty in the P&P 1995 miniseries version (Lizzie was way better looking, IMO).
  3. I just loved the chemistry between Matthew McFadyen and Keira Knightley. I felt their passions and prejudices and all of that. I loved the depiction of the first proposal, in the rain with the music and the passion! Love it!
  4. Mr. Collins and Lizzie when he's proposing to her at the breakfast table; Lizzie at first is sitting behind the huge ham like she's the meat to be had by Mr. Collins! And the longing that Mary has on her face when Mr. Collins leaves after being refused by Lizzie!
  5. Darcy and Lizzie's dance scene, just awesome. I love how everyone else dancing falls away at the end and they're the only two in the whole world!
  6. I also love the scene where Lizzie, Jane, and Mr. Collins are hilarious, Jane and Lizzie speaking to each other and Mr. Collins trying to dance (not doing very well) and talk to Lizzie! Hilarious!
  7. The scene where Lizzie is with her aunt and uncle and they visit Pemberley and she sees the statues. They're beautiful and most of them are naked and it's just a great scene.
  8. The scene where Darcy comes walking across the field at the break of dawn with that music after he finds out what his evil aunt did...!!! So amazing and beautiful and romantic!
My favorite version ever! Loved it!


  1. Oh I agree with you 100 percent,,I loved this movie...I can watch it over and over again...glad you liked it...

  2. LOVE this movie as well! Jeremy, of course, was not excited about watching it the 1st time.....but now it's like one of his FAVORITE movies. No kidding!!!! Great Movie!


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