Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Samplings: The First Memories

My friend Autumn has an awesome Sunday tradition for her blog; it's called Journal Jar Sunday. She puts up topics about her past so we can all get to know her better. The entries are fun and informative and just a dang great idea! So I'm plagiarizing her idea (though, see, I'm giving her credit for the idea!) and calling it Sunday Samplings.

My first topic: My first memories:

I think the earliest memory I have was being in my crib and waking up with my butt in the air and being grumpy and starting to cry since no one was around.

Another early memory is when I was just barely potty-trained and so I was slowly learning how to "hold" my bodily functions until a toilet was available. Well, in my home at that time we only had one bathroom and my dad enjoyed using it often since he could read for at least a half hour with no disruption! Well...I needed to use it and I banged and banged and told him I needed to. But he just told me to wait and he'd be out...time goes on...well, I couldn't hold it anymore and I vaguely remember pooping right there on the spot in front of the bathroom door. But the story doesn't end there...since my dad took so long to get out my poop hardened and my unsuspecting sister came along and saw it lying there. She thought that it looked like a cinnamon roll!!! And she picked it up and actually put it in the fridge!

I think this memory has been a bit helped in the reconstruction part for me because I do vaguely remember pooping, but the rest was filled in by my siblings! It's always a great topic when we get together! Oh, the memories!


  1. I love it!! I'm going back to tag all my other posts just for you! I can't wait to read your feature!

  2. Just stopping by to make sure you do know about, right? I will be talking about it soon on my book blog. The best thing EVER for online journaling. so many features--so easy and fun!


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