Saturday, August 29, 2009

No Surgery Yet

Due to Archie heading off to Boise for two weeks for work we decided it was better if we put off Gabe's surgery till Archie would be able to be around. So not til October. I was getting pretty nervous about having to take care of him with all his post-surgery needs without Archie around so I'm glad we decided to do so.

Gabe is really growing now...he's sitting up all by himself now and hardly ever tips over, but we have plenty of pillows and blankies surrounding him just in case. He's also got his two bottom teeth coming up and they are just so cute! I've been trying to get some pics of them, but to no avail...hopefully, soon!


  1. I didn't know Gabe needed surgery. What for?

  2. He needs reconstructive surgery on his pee-pee. He was born with hypospadius, which means his pee whole was formed on the bottom-side instead of at the end like normal. So they'll just go in and get it all fixed up!

  3. Let us know when the surgery will be and I will keep him in our thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery,,,also take lots of pictures of him because they grow to fast,,before you know it he will be walking and talking....give the whittle guy a hug and kiss for me...

  4. Eva just got one of her top teeth, and I think she's so cute, even when she's crazy cranky. Do you want to proof your pictures when Archie is back? That way you can both see them at the same time? let me know. Talk to you soon!


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