Monday, August 10, 2009

Six Month Checkup!

Gabe is now officially six months old. Where has the time gone? He's so big now!

Well, he is still a nail: tall (27 inches), large noggin (17.5 inches), and skinny (only 16.11 pounds). They said for his height he should weight 18.4! Oh well. He's not a big eater. The doctor wasn't concerned so he's still growing fine and healthily. We're now going to start him on a few Cheerios to see how he likes those!

There are also bumps where his teeth are starting to grow in! Poor little guy. His teething days are not so fun. He also got his vaccinations today as well. He didn't like them, of course (who does, except sadists and masochists???). But he did really well after I got him calmed down and Tylenol down him and food. He even slept while Archie and I headed out for breakfast to celebrate his six months! Hee hee! And he slept really long for both his naps which was really nice for me! I got so much done today! So no shots for his nine month checkup and we're really happy about that.

He has to have surgery at the end of this month to fix his pee-pee (he was born with hypospadius, which means his pee hole is underneath instead of at the end). So they're going to fix it and they say it's pretty routine and that 1/200 baby boys are born with this so it's pretty common. But it'll still be rough on us and on not looking forward to it.

Life moves on and we continue to learn from each other!

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