Monday, August 17, 2009

Sick Boog

Boog just got sick on Saturday. It started with a runny nose and then turned into congestion and an ear infection. He also did a vomitis maximus Sunday morning and so off we went to the Insta Care. He's on an antibiotic and we suck out all his nose goo (which he so does not love) and give him plenty of Tylenol!!! So we keep him drugged up and for the most part he's feeling better and doing so good. It just breaks my heart to see him so sick and there's nothing I can do! Each stage is so new and different and heart-wrenching!

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  1. Poor little guy! What tough life he's been dealt so far, all that crying and sickness. But he'll start to build up and become strong against it. I've been lucky w/ Ava, she gets a minor cold and passes the major part of it to ME! Give him lots of love.


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