Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Boog and His Hats!

I decided to get him a hat last week and went into Old Navy to see what they had! I ended up getting him two, one is a baseball cap and the other is a fisher's hat! They were too cute and I couldn't pass it up.

Here he is doin his gangsta signs!

Just too adorable!

Saturday our friends Sarah and Matt came over for hamburgers and games! Sarah had a lot of fun playing with and holding Gabe!

Here's Boog playing over Archie's knee!

Then Archie decided to stand him up looking out the window! He's got really strong legs and balance! He'll be walking before crawling.

And thus he says neener, neener!

He's just getting sooo big now. He goes in for his six-month checkup next week!


  1. i'm so sad I missed Saturday. I felt like crud though... bronchitis on top of everything else. When can we try again? We want to play!

  2. What a cutie,,yes times flys when you have a baby,,,thanks for sharing Gabe with us...

  3. What a cutie pie! Love both the hats, especially his gangsta hat w/ the added signs. They do grow toooo fast, though sometimes not fast Ava right now...toddlerhood is TOUGH!


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