Monday, August 24, 2009

Wolfy, Boog, and Origami

Here are some pics of the Boog this last week. Archie started juggling all of his toys and he just thought that was so funny!

Archie actually made an origami crane out of a Dove chocolate wrapper!

Boog in his baseball shirt supporting me in my softball loss!

Wolfy hiding in Archie's shirt! So cute!

Here's a little video of Boog giggling like crazy while his Daddy juggles his toys!


  1. Oh my goodness,,I dont think there is anything cuter then a baby laughing,,we get a kick out of our grandson Max laugh everytime,,,you have got a cutey there,,,give him a hug and kiss for me...

  2. What a cute little giggle and I love his sweet smile! Still feel bad for the little guy being called Boog, but I guess we called Ava "missy moo" for awhile due to her fatness.


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