Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Samplings: Pets, Glorious Pets!

For another sampling I thought I would talk about all the wonderful pets I had as a kid. My mother has always been a cat-lover so we grew up with cats all the time. The first cat I remember was Siamy. He was part Siamese. He was very sweet from what I remember and my love of kitties was assured! We added five more to our home over the years: Star, Trixie, Bo Jangles, Snow White, and Princess. Star died very young due to cancer. I was so sad. But it helped me to love and miss and cope. Bo Jangles was catnapped, Snowy and Trixie found other homes (not my choice), and Princess hung on til after my mission. I was with Princess the longest and still feel that pain of her passing. She was a great and loving companion.

I knew from the start I would have to have cats in my own home! We have added Frodo and Wolfgang! Sweetest kitties in the whole world.

I also had two birds, a few fish, three rabbits, gerbiles, and even a turtle at one point! But through these pets I realized that I would never have any of these in my home. They're just not very interactive and they're smelly (rodents) and the rest just aren't that cats it is and one day we will add a dog or two when we have a big enough for them!

I love animals and find them all fascinating even when I'd rather not actually have one as a pet! They are beautiful creations and am very grateful to have two wonderful kitties in my home!


  1. We had lots of pets when I was a kid too. 2 cats, one was Frisky, and one we called Kitty. Kitty was originally named Precious by my sister because she thought it was a great name for a little girl kitty... but then we took her to get her spayed and they said they couldn't spay her... Mom thought we were going to have a bunch of kittens. Turned out Precious was a boy... he was then called Kitty. We also had a dog, a couple of rats, went through a fish store worth of tropical fish, one bird who was killed by the dog, and plenty of other things we all brought in. Now that I've rambled on, I'll let you get back to what you were doing. I can't wait to see you guys on Wednesday!!

  2. I married a non-pet lover...I'm still working on him though...maybe when the kids are older. :)


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