Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mastiff Neighbor Dog Almost Eats Wolfy!

About two months ago a couple moved in across the way and their giant Mastiff dog! His name is Sampson for obvious reasons and he's a really friendly dog and loves people and children (no not to eat them!). But apparently he loves to chase small animals including cats. My poor kitty Wolfy had quite the living daylights and his innards scared quite out of him yesterday. Boog and I were coming home from a walk and Sampson and his owner happened to be outside. I always remove Gabe's car seat from the stroller first and bring him inside and then bring in the stroller. This involves leaving the door open while I do this. So Gabe is on the couch in his car seat, door is open, Wolfy is in the kitchen, and Sampson comes bounding over to say hi...with his owner trying to say something to be about be careful....and then boom in runs Sampson and starts chasing Wolfy all across the kitchen while me and the owner are desperately trying to get Sampson out of the kitchen! Sampson even got some of his mouth on Wolfy before I desperately put a stop to it! We finally got him out the door with nothing actually broken. But with my poor kitty Wolfy scared to death hissing at me and his fur and tail looking electrified! No skin was punctured, just some fur drooled on so physically Wolfy is fine, but his psyche on the other hand...He still is having a hard time coming downstairs. His tail gets big as silenty sneaks downstairs to make sure there is no more Mastiff Sampson dog. I'm sure he'll be fine in a few days, but it was very scary and stressful on an already stressful day! Sampson's a good puppy, but his owners said he loves open doors and loves to chase cats, though has never harmed one. They were very supportive and horribly embarrassed by Sampson's behavior and made sure that I'd tell them if anything was broken, etc. Now I know to not leave the door open when he's outside! He's still a good puppy...but boy was I scared for my kitties!

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