Tuesday, November 10, 2009

9 Month Checkup

Well Gabe is officially nine months old! I can't believe it! He just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He is still a nail, though! He is 29.5 cm long and is officially too big for his car seat now (87th percentile). His head is 18.3 cm (83 percentile). Weight is 18.87 pounds (23 percentile). So he still has a big head, he's tall and doesn't weigh a thing! Just like his parents! Oh, wait, no! His doctor said everything seems to be going well and he looks as healthy as a horse!

He's still not crawling yet...so we're getting lots of tummy time in even though he just screams and screams! But he gets around really well in his walker since Archie took off a few obstacles so he can cruise around on the carpet as well as the linoleum. Now he's pulling off the DVDs, CDs, chairs, glass objects! We're baby proofing now!

He's finally sleeping better again at night since his surgery a month ago and his cold last week! Yeah! Sleep is somewhat here again. We also had our water heater go kaputz a few days ago and had to have a new one installed today. That was not so fun since it cost us an arm and a leg to do it...now I still have my car to register...got pulled over yesterday for my expired tags...grrrr! But it should be ready to renew here in the next few days as long as our catalytic converter light doesn't come back on within the next twenty miles! So wish us luck!

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  1. I can't believe Gabe is 9 months old! When did that happen?

    When it rains it pours, huh?! I hope that that is the end of the expensive repairs!!


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