Monday, November 2, 2009

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

I guess that must be normal when you are a parent! But my poor little Boog has gotten a cold and now his nose is running profusely so we have to squeegie his nose every five minutes and wipe it with Kleenexes. We have him on Tylenol and he's sleeping in his swing to help keep him upright better so his nose doesn't drain as much into his sleep is more difficult, which means sleep is nonexistent again for me! Oh, the joys.

We were looking forward to dressing him up in his pirate costume and taking him to a couple of houses in the neighborhood, but that's the day he became sick. So we kept him inside, but our neighbor Stephanie brought him over some animal crackers! She's a sweetie! But my chili turned out pretty tasty so that was nice, but I didn't get time to get my costume I was my usual backup, a pirate!

For some more good news...let's see...Some ladies in my ward/neighborhood decided to start up an exercise class in our church building in the mornings four days a week and it has been awesome and so motivating! I haven't been this sore for years and haven't worked out this much since before I was pregnant of last year! My goal is to not gain weight this holiday season and with this exercise group and a little less on the eating I'll reach my goal and I hope to maybe lose a bit too!


  1. Poor boy and poor parents of said boy! How miserable for everyone, hope he gets better soon. Those little noses just LOVE to run, so nasty. Exercising w/ the ladies from church sounds fun, glad you are enjoying it. I'm still hitting up the Gym a few times a week, though you'd never be able to tell! :(

  2. Ohhh! that sounds exciting to have a group to work out with! Sorry to hear that your munchkin is sick. That stinks! I hope you don't get it!

  3. Poor little Boo,,I hope he feels better soon,,,and congrats on the exercise I have started walking and I am already feeling better...


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