Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Samplings: First Kiss!

I was a bit young on my first kiss...I was 14...his name was Dillon...horrible kisser, super sloppy, and just icky. Needlesstosay, it didn't last too long, like a week. He was one of those popular guys and it was pretty funny that as soon as we were "together" all of his friends thought I was the greatest and just couldn't get enough of me! And then we "broke up" and I no longer existed! Oh, the funness of high school! HA HA! So glad I never have to go back in time to relive them....


  1. HaHa! What a bad Mormom you were, dating before 16-naughty, naughty! :) I was 14 too, but I'm not going into that story, I can't air too much dirty laundry...Thank heavens we don't have to go back to HS OR date anymore!!!

  2. first kiss was at 15. And it was absolutely heavenly!!! From the first love of my life (when I was 16 :) This guy was the best kisser I have EVER had!!! Why I ended things 3 years later, I'll never know. Oh, yeah, now I remember. I could go back to college in a heartbeat, but not high school.

    I still like to date...


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