Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well, it officially became winter yesterday....well, a bit on Friday too. I was hoping the nice days would stretch out just a bit more. Boog and I were having a lot of fun taking morning walks with the weather being so nice! Oh well, with my exercise group four days a week and my treadmill I should be still good to go. I love the snow, but I hate driving in it and I just hate the bitter cold. I want to live in a nice mild climate all year round! Next winter, though, Boog will be able to play in the snow with me so it'll make it even funner!


  1. Ha! No snow here yet, except Mt Hood where they opened the ski areas way early this year. I'm just hoping we don't get a crazy snowfall like last year where we were stranded for almost a week. At least you have plows!

  2. I agree! I absolutely HATE the COLD, ICY snow!!! I would like it to be around 70 degrees all year long! That would be perfect! Too bad I can't do the exercise with you! That would be fun!

  3. After growing up in MT cold winters, I no longer need the snow -- can visit it anytime. Move to Las Vegas! The hot heat is only a couple months compared to the lengthy cold months elsewhere. I almost feel guilty enjoying such beautiful winters!

    Good job on the exercising! YAY


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