Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Crazy Crozier Updates!

Nothing too exciting around here...OK, yes, things were tough these last couple of weeks. Archie headed off for 12 days up to Boise for work and left me to fend for myself! I also hosted my friend for a week and a half.

I also attended a heart-wrenching funeral for little Lucas Nelson who passed away at the innocent age of only 8 months after fighting cancer for three months. I now hold my son a little closer and have a more grateful and forgiving heart. They are an amazing family and am so grateful to be apart of their lives and our prayers go out to them.

Archie is now home, my friend has moved on, and life continues to whirl and spin us around. I am so grateful for my wonderful husband who supports me in all that I do and loves our beautiful son, Gabe.

Since Gabe is sooo cute I'm sharing more photos and short videos of him!

Boog feeding himself some carrots!

More Carrots, yum!

Prunes, glorious prunes!

Frodo and Wolfy sniffing Sarah's feet!

I went out to water my plant and discovered this spider had made its home here between the plant and our barbecuer! Sarah had to capture it and set it free for me so I could actually water the plant! Spiders freak me out!

This is of Boog eating Prunes...

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