Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sunday Samplings: Old Journal Entries

I've been sorting through my old journal entries from when I was eight and nine years old; they're pretty hilarious. So I thought I'd share some thoughts with you...

Tues. May 2, 1989

My bro. played Friday the 13th. It was real fun.

Really? How is playing a psycho killer real fun?

Date unknown

Dear Diary,

This Evening was wierd, me and Janali and Tiffany had a water fight. Then my dad and my mom came home. So I told Jan that I had to go home, so I went home. And I had Two oreo coockies. Then it was time for dinner and I ate outside

The End

Not quite sure what was so weird about this day...

July 5, 1988

Dear Diary,
Today was fun. I got in a fight with Mary.

Yup, fights are always soooo fun!

October 7, 1988

Dear Diary,
Well I don't like Tiffany and Nikki. Drews a geak. My mom keeps hiding Cinderella. Me and Candace found a cat. It climbed up a tree. It was scared to come down. Travis had to get the cat down. Its name is Cutey emarie tighty Frisky. I wish I could clean my room. Cheryl dosn't get along very well. She fights a lot. I wish I could ride a bike.

See Yea!

I love what I named that cat...that'll be my next cat's name! And I love how I wish to clean my room! Huh?

October 8, 1988

I watched Freddy Crouger. He's a buthed. But I don't believe in him.

As I kept telling myself that all night while wide awake and freaking out...

October 9, 1988

Dear Diary,

I was real miserable today it was boring. Sundays are always boring. My Mom & dad think my breath smell like garlic. todays been real, real, boring. Cheryl's really rude today, she always grouchy and I hate it. well my sister went back to college. I don't know why my sister always says rear. School's tomorrow.

Sundays and miserable and boring...looks like life hasn't changed that much!!! ha ha! And I'm still smelly!

Hope you enjoyed the amazing thoughts of my past; I was such a deep and thoughtful child...


  1. Your new background is the cat's meow--groovy!

    Your journal entries are priceless! What a treat for your children to read as well. I SO wished I had kept a journal starting at 15--that's when life really got interesting. But I didn't--started keeping them my 2nd year at Ricks College.

    "If you don't write it down, it never happened." And that's the truth.

  2. Oh, so true! These journal entries are keeping me laughing!

  3. Those cracked me up. And blogging is just like journaling, so you're still at it!


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