Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I was tagged to list these! So here you go and enjoy or not!! hee hee!

1. I have two wonderful kitties named Frodo and Wolfgang. Wolfgang has six toes on three of his paws and a big thumb on the other! He's our mutant kitty. Since Frodo was weaned too early as a kitten he still loves to suck on my arm sine I'm his momma!

2. My most awesome and amazing husband cries in movies more than I do! I love not being the biggest boob in the family when it comes to hallmark commercials!

3. I served a mission for my church to the Canary Islands, which are apart of Spain, but located off the coast of Morocco in Africa, where I learned to speak a bit of Spanish!

4. I graduated from Portland State University in Portland, OR in 2007 with two Bachelor's degrees in Spanish and Applied Linguistics. I love learning anything and everything about language and how we use it! Though, I'm not really great at learning other languages....

5. I love to watch movies. Archie and I are up to about 430 DVDs in our collection, including TV on DVD!

6. I'm studying to be a medical transcriptionist so I can stay at home and work and be a mommy as well! I now know where my metacarpals are as opposed to my metatarsals!

7. I have two relatives in the "bighouse", but they should not be in there!

8. I love to digital scrapbook since it's a bit cheaper than regular scrapbooking, but I can't sit for very long right now since I swell to whale size due to being huge and preggo! So I'll get back to it soon!

9. I love to read! I could start my own mini library if I wanted to! My favoritest book is "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte. Good reading. I love fantasy books, mysteries, John Grisham's older lawyer books like "Pelican Brief" and "The Firm," of course "Harry Potter," and I actually enjoy textbooks relating to what I graduated in Spanish and linguistics! I'm a nerd!

10. I also love to play computer games and console games. I also have a bit of an itch at times for role playing games with my hubby. My faves on the Xbox 360 are Rock Band and Guitar Heroes!!! Plus Karaoke.

11. I love to sing, thus the karaoke! Though, I'm not the best singer, I still enjoy it!

12. I played the flute in junior high, but gave it up in high school since I just didn't want to study the whole idea of music theory! It was math all over again!

13. I had a very short career as an actress back in ninth grade! I was the innkeeper in the play "The Pied Piper of Hamlin."

14. Spent a month in Guatemala for school! It was an amazing experience!

15. Held a job where they paid me to watch and transcribe the news!

16. I hate peas when they are steamed or cooked out of a can. Still in the pod in a salad or stir fried not too shabby, though.

17. I love anything and everything to do with peanut butter! And if it has chocolate as well so much the better! I go through a jar of peanut butter in about a month!

18. Lived in one house for seventeen years! And I think it was slightly bro. Roger can tell you more!

19. I'm also a published author...two of my poems in fifth grade were published in the school newsletter!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

20. Starred in my bro's home made Star Trek movie where I was cast as Deanna Toi! Good Times.

21. My waist is over 47 inches at almost 37 weeks of pregnancy!

22. Even though I'm a woman I have never been baby hungry nor am I now that I'm about to have one! Crazy! Just getting prepared to me a mom and that's that!

23. I hate to cook unless it's something really simple and yummy like muffins from a box. And I don't sew to save my life. If something needs mending it's Archie I run to! He's borrowing my mom's sewing machine to he can make our couch a covering!

24. Am not very glamorous, only wear makeup on rare special occasions and even then it's pretty mild. I take 5 min to 10 min in the shower and hardly ever blow dry my hair or use any styling products! I'm a wash and go girl! And the highest heeled shoes I've ever worn were 3 cm off the ground!

25. I love to play sports! Basketball is my favorite followed by volleyball and softball. I love the Utah Jazz. And walking and doing aerobics (along with sports) are my favorite ways to stay in shape (when I'm not pregnant, that is).

Here was plenty of random and boring things about me!


  1. That was so fun to read, Heather! I didn't realized you'd served in the Canary Islands -wow! Cool! I also had to laugh about the Music Theory comment - I was registered for that class senior year and lasted 1 day - horrible!!:)


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