Saturday, January 17, 2009

Guatemala Trip

I thought I would add a few things into my blog about what I have done instead of what I am doing (since I just started blogging a couple of months ago). I went to Guatemala for the month of July in 2006 for school. We went there to help the schools of the indigenous populations there. We went to the area of Panajachel and installed computers and repainted their buildings and helped out with activities and teaching supplies as well. We all stayed with host families in town and then in the mornings we traveled up to the schools, which took about an hour since they were up in the mountains. The kids were great! It was such an awesome experience to be there. The government doesn't spend a lot of money, if any, on the indigenous population out there, so they have to get donations where they can. In the area we were at they spoke Kaqchikel and K'iche as their first languages and starting to learn Spanish as their second. So the lingua franca was Spanish when we were with the kids.
I lived up the street from this pic

This is one of their natural resources Lake Champey

It's beautiful with the flower!

One of the students!

We also were able to go on some field trips while there to different historical sites, which was also very exciting. Guatemala has beautiful country!

What the native dress looks like

Some of us girls on the trip

The lake around Panajachel!

Some more of us on a rainy day driving up to the schools!

It was great to be able to speak Spanish again on a regular basis since I got home from my mission to the Canary Islands. I got to meet new people and enjoy their culture and history and add that to my growing knowledge of the world. It's an experience that I'll never forget! So I hope you enjoy these photos of Guatemala and the experiences that they share! (disclaimer: these photos are not all taken by me, but by various students on the trip. So please do not use them without written permission from me! Thanks)

Some more beautiful pics

Me with the local teachers and teachers and students from PSU

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  1. Thanks for sharing your pics, I don't think you've ever shown me any of them. I remeber after that trip is when you had stomach issues, no fun!


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