Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday Night Fun

OK, it wasn't really fun. I've been having some contractions at night over the last week or so and some cramping that has been really uncomfortable and painful. And last night it got progressively worse so off to the hospital we went at 1:30 in the morning or night, whichever. They monitored me and Gabe for about an hour and checked my cervix. Basically, they said that some women just get these kinds of contractions the last few weeks of their pregnancy that slowly move along the cervix, which means I'll probably have my baby early. I'm at a 2 right now. They said that most first-time moms don't get that "lucky," since they usually go late. So they filled me with some pain meds and told me to check with my doctor on Tuesday to see what else I can do to help with the horrible cramping accompanied by contractions. So I have lots of these fun nights to look forward to. And I'm officially at the point where if I do go into labor then they won't stop it! But, man, if I'm dying with these contractions and cramps now....I don't even want to think about actual labor ones....I'll be calling labor and delivery early to tell them to get the epidural and drugs ready for when I get there! I hate the pain!!!!!!!!!!! So I finally got to sleep by 4:30 this morning! What fun Saturday nights we have!!!!!!


  1. That is no fun. :( I hope that the meds work. Stay really hydrated too.

  2. Oh Heather! I am so sorry! But at least that means you won't go late! My sister-in-law had her baby two weeks early and a really fast and easy labor! Hopefully it will be similar for you!

  3. Frustrating!! Sorry, it will be over soon.


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