Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well, I realized that I haven't put up my ultrasound pics of little Gabriel on my blog so I'm doing that now. I will share with the world what a cute little guy he's going to be!!! Hee hee! (Even if he's not, we'll still take him)!!
He's definitely our little boy!

Here's his chicken leg!
Profile shot!
Cute little face!
His hands and arms
He's clapping!
We now have, at the most, 4 1/2 weeks left. If he doesn't come by February 21st then I'm going to be induced on that day! So I can finally see an end in sight when I will get my body back!! Yeah! And we get to finally meet him!


  1. Man alive! You are so close! That is so exciting!
    I still don't understand ultrasounds. I try to see what you're telling me to see, but I still just don't see it.
    On the profiles though, he looks like he will be a BEAUTIFUL BABY!
    I think I can make it to your baby shower. I'm glad you chose this Saturday to have it and not next because I have ANOTHER baby shower next Saturday. Crazy stuff!

  2. I'm getting super excited for you! I can't wait to meet Gabriel! You are almost there!

  3. Yes, I would say you are having a boy!!! Heehee! I love ultrasound pics, I've been scrapbooking Ava's lately and it brings back all those exciting memories of seeing her in there kicking around. You're soooo close, hope it goes by fast. I did some shopping for Gabriel, now I just need to get it mailed before he shows up!!!

  4. He's going to be super cute!! I am so excited for you. It's always good to get them on the outside...but I'd enjoy your last few days of freedom :) He he!!! :) :) :) I can't stop smiling for you!!!!!!!


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