Friday, January 9, 2009

Being Pregnant

Wow! Can I just say that being pregnant is really hard?? I think so...I have about six weeks to go and I'm miserable! I got a sinus infection a few weeks ago and had to go on antibiotics and then a week later I got a viral infection as well. So I have been out of commission for about two weeks now and to top that off I've been having contractions that are keeping me awake more than usual at night. It's crazy. Me and the sofa are now new friends, since I spend most of my waking days there and now Archie can no longer sleep by my side at night; I keep him up with my every hour pee runs and my tossing and turning and complaints at night! So he and the sofa are lovely friends at night. One advantage is I don't feel so guilty about peeing and keeping him up and another is my kitties now seem to think that only one person in the bed leaves room for them to sleep in it now! So I get my cute kitties at night. I'm also measuring about two centimeters above normal so I fear little Gabe isn't so little. He's so big now I can actually start making out his foot or elbow when he starts moving around! I also never imagined I would be so immobile while pregnant. I saw women waddling around at about 7+ months, but I never actually thought it would happen to me. Since I'm so short Gabriel only has one way to grow and that is out. He is putting a lot of pressure on all my joints, especially the pelvic bone. So doing anything really hurts and is comfortable, thus immobile and I waddle! And I have panic attacks about whether he's doing all right or whether labor and delivery will go well and all the crazy things that could happen run rampant through my brain. OK, so enough complaining. Archie gets plenty of it from me on a daily basis! Oh, the joys.....only six weeks to go.....

I thought I'd add these pics too of my computer kitty!

Frodo loves to stay warm on the monitor.


  1. What's weird is about 6 months after giving birth you'll look back at pregnancy and say, 'It really wasn't THAT bad.' I know you don't believe me...but it will happen. :) You are an adorable pregnant woman...big belly and all.

  2. Sorry, but I don't agree w/ the comment above, no offense! I'm putting off being pregnant again due to memories of the 1st one! If I think about it enough I swear I can still feel the pain of my pelvis splitting, but I was carrying a 10lb giant! I hear you though Heather, just hang on a bit longer, baby will be better for it! Wish I could come give you a back rub or somehow make you more comfortable. Take it easy and he'll be here soon. Which reminds me, I need to go shopping for him. Did you register anywhere yet????

  3. Everyone worries a lot about the first one. He's gunna be fine :) I know I've said this a million times but I'm so excited to hug ~n~ schnug him!


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