Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My husband, The Tailor

Archie has been very adamant about learning new skills and hobbies. His recent acquisition is that of sewing! He has borrowed my mother's sewing machine and he has it in our room. My mother came up Friday to show him how to use it!

He's so excited!!

Here he actually starts using it!!

He definitely is the domestic in our household. If I have a button that needs mending he's the one who sews it back on! His project right now is making a cover for our couch since the kitties back claws sometimes get caught on it. So he's practicing with some basics for right now as he continues to acquire this new skill! I don't think he'll get into the making clothes scene, but just a few odds and ends. Maybe I'll get him his own sewing machine for Christmas this year!!


  1. Way to go, Archie!! Very impressive. Will your mom teach me how to sew too?

  2. FUNNY! I should just give him mine, Jer got it for me one Christmas and I've attempted to make stuff, but I suck! I would like to learn more, its just a patience thing that I'm not good with! Good luck though!

  3. Wow! We don't even have a needle at our house. So our buttons never get sewn back on. Count yourself lucky girl!!

  4. I want to see one of his projects!


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